Andes Mint Chocolate Cookies (Gluten Free)

Anyone else feel a bit of nostalgia when taking a bite of an Andes chocolate mint? I remember being so excited as a little girl whenever we would get a few, either at a restaurant after our meal, on top of the pillow at a hotel, or at someones house from a little glass dish in the living room. They were a common treat for guests, and always felt like a decadent surprise.

These chewy, chocolaty, minty cookies will melt in your mouth just like the candy and keep you coming back for more!

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Southwest Stuffed Peppers with Soyrizo (Vegetarian & Gluten Free)

I am a big fan of Soyrizo. It’s a pretty common ingredient down here in San Diego, and is often preferred by meat-eaters to traditional chorizo. Luckily for me, it is also gluten free (or at least the brand I buy is). I love finding new ways to incorporate soyrizo into dishes that would otherwise not have that little spicy kick.

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